The Company is committed to being a Living Wage Employer. The Living wage is a rate of pay per hour which is deemed enough to make sure workers and their families can live free from poverty.

Our commitments

We will:

  • Ensure that all employees are paid as a minimum the living wage;
  • Ensure all agency staff are paid as a minimum the living wage;
  • Increase the living wage when increases are implemented;
  • Will aim to encourage and promote on a case by case basis that all employees of contractors working on our contracts are paid as a minimum the living wage.

Procurement and Supply Chain

We will ensure that as part of our due diligence when engaging with third parties, we are satisfied that they pay as a minimum the living wage. 


Personnel responsible for recruitment within the company will be made aware of the current minimum living wage and will not advertise roles or offer employment to an individual at less than the minimum living wage.

Benefits of being a living wage employer

  • Increased quality of life for employees and their families;
  • Increased staff retention levels;
  • Happier and more engaged workforce


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis or sooner if required due to a change in legislation.